Rebecca at the Well.jpg

Rebecca at the Well

Hollowed out on the back. Base extends 1 inch behind. English doorstop.

Height = 10 and 12/16 inches.

Charleston Dancers Fish.JPG (30616 bytes)

Charleston Dancers

On the front of the base: "© FISH".  There is a small number "1" on the back just behind their waists.

Height = 8 and 11/16 inches.

Tango Dancers.JPG (72716 bytes)

Tango Dancers

Great Deco piece. No markings. Flat back.

Height = exactly 8 inches.

Dickens.JPG (45765 bytes)

Dickens Characters

Mr Peggotty and Little Agnes. Many reproductions of this. This one has no markings. Note the detail on his face. Solid base and hollowed out back.

Height = 14 and 1/16 inches.

Domestic violence.JPG

Domestic Violence

Two-piece construction, base welded on. Hollowed back, no markings. Probably English.

Height = 10 and 12/16 inches.

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