Log Cabin 2.JPG (120571 bytes)

Log Cabin

Slightly hollowed out on back, no markings.

Height = 4 and 8/16 inches.

Covered bridge.jpg

Covered Bridge

Slightly hollowed out on back, no markings.

Height = 4 and 10/16 inches.

Covered Bridge trees.JPG

Covered Bridge in Snow

Slightly hollowed out on back, and has "149" on back behind the tall tree.

Height = 5 and 11/16 inches.

House with Woman.jpg

House with Woman

Flat back with raised lettering: "EASTERN SPECIALTY MFG. CO." and below that: "NO. 50".

Height = 5 and 11/16inches.

Cottage no Fence.JPG (128485 bytes)


Slightly hollowed out on back, but not the base. Has number "211" on back.

Height = 5 and 12/16 inches.

Cabin in Woods.JPG (70838 bytes)

Cottage in Woods

Slightly hollowed out back, no markings.

Height = 8 and 4/16 inches.

White Cottage.JPG (125705 bytes)

Thatched Roof Cottage

Slightly hollowed on back, no markings, solid base.

Height = 4 and 15/16 inches.

Cottage with trees.jpg

Cottage with Trees

Back is completely flat.No markings.

Height = 5 and 3/16 inches.

Hathaway cottage.jpg

Ann Hathaway's Cottage

Back is hollow and the door opens through. Capital letters across the front of the base read: "ANN HATHAWAY's COTTAGE".

Height = 6 and 4/16 inches.


Small Church

Back is hollowed out.There is a number "3" on the back behind the middle section.

Height = 7 and 14/16 inches.

Windmill with Clouds.JPG (33580 bytes)

Windmill with Clouds

Flat back with indented rectangle in center, with raised lettering inside: "COPYRIGHT 1927" and "A A RICHARDSON".

Height = exactly 8 inches.

Old Mill.JPG

Old Mill

Hollowed back with solid base, and "GRENIER NOVELTIES" on the back of the base.

Height = 6 and 2/16inches.

St George Church.JPG

St. George Church

Brass doorstop with large heavy base. On front: "ST. GEORGE GREEK ORTHODOX MEMORIAL CHURCH". Back is flat with two hollowed out wells in the base, and a shallow hollowed out rectangle with raised lettering: "COMMEMORATING ST. GEORGE GREEK CULTURAL CENTER  SPRINGFIELD MASS. NOV. 1978" and two raised rectangles each with "500".

Height = 6 and 2/16inches.

Small light house.JPG

Small Light House

Hollow back, solid base. No markings.

Height = 7 and 5/16inches.

Stagecoach.JPG (82251 bytes)


Solid base, but back is slightly hollowed out. On back of coach: "PATENT APPLIED FOR".

Height = 6 and 11/16 inches.

London Royal Mail Coach.JPG (97510 bytes)

London Royal Mail Coach

Full figure solid, very detailed. On rear wheel rim: "PAT.PENDING" and on side of coach: "gR AND LONDON ROYAL MAIL" and at rear of coach: "N 17".

Height = 7 and 3/16 inches.

Coach and horses.JPG

Coach and Horses

Wedge style,  with small wedge behind coach. No markings.

Height = 4 and 8/16 inches.


The Constitution

Hollowed out back and base.  On the front of the base: "THE CONSTITUTION". On the back of the base: "Copyrighted 1924 By A M GREENBLATT STUDIOS BOSTON MASS" in the hollowed out part, and on the bottom ridge is the number "10".

Height = 11 and 6/16 inches.

Galleon.JPG (58778 bytes)


Flat back and solid base. On back at bottom: "SEVILLE STUDIOS" and "COPYRIGHT 1928". Very fine detail.

Height = 8 and 14/16 inches.

Full sails.JPG (83521 bytes)

Full Sails

Hollowed out back but soid base. On back of base: "167" and "ALBANY FDY CO" and "© ALBANY FDY Co".

Height = 8 and 2/16 inches.

Pilgrims in ship BH.JPG

Pilgrims in Ship

Flat cobbled back, with "B&H" in a circle at the base. Two bumpers on the back of the base.

Height = 8 and 11/16 inches.


© Rick Voakes 2012