Humpty Parrish.jpg

Humpty Dumpty

Taken from the Maxfield Parrish Life Magazine Cover of March 17, 1921 (see below).  Hollow back with no markings. Great detail in the casting.

Height = 9 and 6/16 inches.  

Parrish.jpgBathing beauty.JPG

Beach Beauty

Flat back with no markings.

Height = 7 and 3/16 inches.  



Hollow back with no markings.

Height = 11 and 1/16 inches.  


Pregnant Girl.jpg

Kilroy Was Here

Solid brass, full figure, with no markings.

Height = 9 and 7/16 inches.  


Ariel, the Little Mermaid

Hollow back with no markings.

Height = 9 and 4/16 inches.  

Mermaid on rock.JPG

Mermaid on Rock

Full figure in three parts, no markings.

Height = 7 and 10/16 inches.

Mermaid on rocks starfish.jpg

Mermaid on Rocks

Hollowed out back, but very heavy. No markings.

Height = 12 and 13/16 inches.

Windblown deco girl.JPG

Wind-blown Deco Girl

Back is hollowed out, no markings. Wedges extend back from each side of the base.

Height = 8 and 15/16 inches.

Golf lady bow.jpg

Lady Golfer

Hollowed out back and base, no markings.

Height = 10 and 13/16 inches.

Golf lady cap.jpg

Lady Golfer

Hollowed out back,  marked with number "3" on the back of each arm.

Height = 8 and 4/16 inches.

Overhead golfer small.jpg

Overhead Golfer, small

Hollowed out behind his torso, and right leg extends forward, rest of back is flat. No markings. A smaller version of an older doorstop.

Height = 7 and 12/16 inches.

Boy on world.jpg

On Top of the World

Full figure, the boy is solid iron, and the globe is hollow iron, filled with lead, making it remarkably heavy!

Height = 5 and 13/16 inches.

Jackolantern Scarecrow.jpg

Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow

Hollowed out back but very heavy.  Marked on the back of his head: "COLDWATER FOUNDRY".

Height = 13 and 3/16 inches.

Warrior monkey.jpg

Warrior Monkey

Full figure, hollow. No markings.

Height = exactly 14 inches.

Halloween Girl small.JPG

Small Halloween Girl

Solid base and flat back.  Incised lettering on the back: "B&H Mfg. co" and script letters: "S.B." This is much smaller than the original Littco Halloween Girl, with quite different proportions, so not really a reproduction as much as a remake of the same general idea.

Height = 9 and 5/16 inches.


Babe Ruth

Hollow back with no markings.

Height = 8 and 12/16 inches.  


Baseball Player at the Plate

Hollow back, solid base. On back of base: 
"© Midwest Importers".

Height = 9 and 14/16 inches.  

Bonnie Scotland.jpg

Bonnie Scotland

Hollow back, marked with "GREENLEES GLASGOW" on the back, and on the front of the base: "BONNIE SCOTLAND".

Height = 11 and 15/16 inches.  



Hollowed out back,  marked with number "BUCCANEER" and "COPR 1980" in and arch on the back behind his left boot.Under the arch is a "C" in a triangle.

Height = 6 and 15/16 inches.

Primitive Sam.jpg

Primitive Uncle Sam

Solid flat back but hollowed out behind the trunk and head. Back is marked in the casting: "TIM & LOUISE FLINN 1990" and the back is also signed in white paint: " T.E. & L.S. Flinn". This is a very fine paint job in the primitive American style, with the original painting done by the designing artists.

Height = 11 and 10/16 inches.  

Small Uncle Sam.jpg

Small Uncle Sam

Hollow back with the number "8" on the back.

Height = 9 and 6/16 inches. 

Drinking Friar.jpg

Drinking Friar

Back is completely flat. No markings. Cast in aluminum.

Height = 5 and 11/16 inches.

Witch on broom.jpg

Witch on Broom

Back is completely flat. No markings.

Height = 4 and 15/16 inches.

Porno_Man_side.JPG (7070 bytes)

Porno Man

Interesting design becomes phallic when viewed from the back. Full figure solid. This one is brass, but also found in iron.

Height = 6 and 1/16 inches. 

Rabbit front.jpg

Hubley Rabbit

Full figure solid, raised letters on the back of his head:


Height = 11 and 8/16 inches.


© Rick Voakes 2012