Be sure to read Interview with Jerry Bonk, modern era doorstop maker.

Humpty Parrish.jpg

Humpty Dumpty

Taken from the Maxfield Parrish Life Magazine Cover of March 17, 1921 (see below).  Hollow back with no markings. Great detail in the casting.

Height = 9 and 6/16 inches.  


Bathing beauty.JPG

Beach Beauty

Flat back with no markings.

Height = 7 and 3/16 inches.  

Vargas 2Varga Spanish dancerVargas 1Boilermakers


Vargas Girl

Two-sided, same but reverse image on the back. Cast in two pieces, base separate. Cast in brass.

Height = 16 and 12/16 inches.

Reverse side.

On right: postcard from 1940's by Alberto Vargas.


Purdue mascot. Flat back, no markings, but has "BOILERMAKERS" on the front of the base.

Height = 6 and 14/16 inches.


Hollow back with no markings.

Height = 11 and 1/16 inches.  


Pregnant Girl.jpg

Kilroy Was Here

Solid brass, full figure, with no markings.

Height = 9 and 7/16 inches.  


Ariel, the Little Mermaid

Hollow back with no markings.

Height = 9 and 4/16 inches.  

Mermaid on rock.JPG

Mermaid on Rock

Full figure in three parts, no markings.

Height = 7 and 10/16 inches.

Mermaid on rocks starfish.jpg

Mermaid on Rocks

Hollowed out back, but very heavy. No markings.

Height = 12 and 13/16 inches.

Windblown deco girl.JPG

Wind-blown Deco Girl

Back is hollowed out, no markings. Wedges extend back from each side of the base.

Height = 8 and 15/16 inches.

Golf lady bow.jpg

Lady Golfer

Hollowed out back and base, no markings.

Height = 10 and 13/16 inches.

Golf lady cap.jpg

Lady Golfer

Hollowed out back,  marked with number "3" on the back of each arm.

Height = 8 and 4/16 inches.

Overhead golfer small.jpg

Overhead Golfer, small

Hollowed out behind his torso, and right leg extends forward, rest of back is flat. No markings. A smaller version of an older doorstop.

Height = 7 and 12/16 inches.

Boy on world.jpg

On Top of the World

Full figure, the boy is solid iron, and the globe is hollow iron, filled with lead, making it remarkably heavy!

Height = 5 and 13/16 inches.

Jackolantern Scarecrow.jpg

Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow

Hollowed out back but very heavy.  Marked on the back of his head: "COLDWATER FOUNDRY".

Height = 13 and 3/16 inches.

Humpty on wall

Humpty Dumpty

Hollowed out back with the number "2" behind the wall. Incised letters: "HUMPTY DUMPTY" on the front of the base.

Height = 8 and 6/16 inches.

Warrior monkey.jpg

Warrior Monkey

Full figure, hollow. No markings.

Height = exactly 14 inches.

Waiter w beer mug

Waiter with Beer Mug

Hollowed out back with no markings. Cast in brass.

Height = 12 and 12/16 inches.

Halloween Girl small.JPG

Small Halloween Girl

Solid base and flat back.  Incised lettering on the back: "B&H Mfg. co" and script letters: “ T. B." This is much smaller than the original Littco Halloween Girl, with quite different proportions, so not really a reproduction as much as a remake of the same general idea. Made in the 1980s by Tom Breen.

Height = 9 and 5/16 inches.


Babe Ruth

Hollow back with no markings.

Height = 8 and 12/16 inches.  


Baseball Player at the Plate

Hollow back, solid base. On back of base: 
"© Midwest Importers".

Height = 9 and 14/16 inches.  

baseball player by Tom Breen

Baseball Player

Back is slightly hollowed out, and marked with "O. C. F. 1912”. Cast and painted by Tom Breen.

Height = 16 and 15/16 inches.

Bonnie Scotland.jpg

Bonnie Scotland

Hollow back, marked with "GREENLEES GLASGOW" on the back, and on the front of the base: "BONNIE SCOTLAND".

Height = 11 and 15/16 inches.  



Hollowed out back,  marked with number "BUCCANEER" and "COPR 1980" in and arch on the back behind his left boot.Under the arch is a "C" in a triangle.

Height = 6 and 15/16 inches.

Primitive Sam.jpg

Primitive Uncle Sam

Solid flat back but hollowed out behind the trunk and head. Back is marked in the casting: "TIM & LOUISE FLINN 1990" and the back is also signed in white paint: " T.E. & L.S. Flinn". This is a very fine paint job in the primitive American style, with the original painting done by the designing artists.

Height = 11 and 10/16 inches.  

Small Uncle Sam.jpg

Small Uncle Sam

Hollow back with the number "8" on the back.

Height = 9 and 6/16 inches. 

Drinking friar

Drinking Friar

Back is completely flat. No markings. Cast in aluminum.

Height = 5 and 11/16 inches.

Witch on broom.jpg

Witch on Broom

Back is completely flat. No markings.

Height = 4 and 15/16 inches.

Porno_Man_side.JPG (7070 bytes)

Porno Man

Interesting design becomes phallic when viewed from the back. Full figure solid. This one is brass, but also found in iron.

Height = 6 and 1/16 inches. 

Rabbit front.jpg

Hubley Rabbit

Full figure solid, raised letters on the back of his head:


Height = 11 and 8/16 inches.


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